Sunday, 10 August 2014

My "caveman portfolio"

I think the education business is quite attractive. The upfront investment is relatively low due to its "light weight" business model (no need to invest in machines etc). The revenue stream is quite stable as the student would likely be staying with the provider for a few years (fees are also determined upfront). Scanning through education related stocks, Overseas Education Limited caught my attention. However, this is a recently listed company and I think should be put on my radar for a while more before contemplating on whether to add it into my portfolio.

Along the way, another sector which caught my attention is the insurance industry. I feel that this business can reap economies of scale as it grows and the revenue stream is relatively stable too. Amongst Great Eastern Holdings, United Overseas Insurance, SHC Capital Asia and Singapore Reinsurance Corporation Limited, I would add the first two into my portfolio.

Ok then, my "caveman portfolio" shall be made up of the following:

Keppel REIT
Haw Par
Great Eastern
United Overseas Insurance

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